Related Site Links

The Maryland State Archives has a myriad of primary documents, including searchable transcriptions of Eastern Shore judicial records.

Virtual Jamestown is a site closely related to American Origins interest. The site provides biological information on the earliest settlers to Virginia's Tidewater region. Researchers can get judicial records, labor contracts, maps, first-hand letters and newspapers.

Common Place is a forum that presents opinions and analysis related to Colonial and early national history and present-day applications of that history.

C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience provides numerous links to a wide number of American history subjects. It is valuable for its connections to the other sites and for background information.

The Avalon Project, hosted by Yale Law School, includes a large database of transcribed primary historical texts. While few have any direct revelance to the American Origins project, they provide valuable background information.

The Papers of George Washington, at the Library of Congress, pertain to a wide range of subjects such as letters, military records, and diaries. The site is easy to navigate and holds significant letters and images dating from 1741 to 1799. Scans of the original document may be viewed.

Inflation Calculator provides a useful calculator to adjust prices for inflation based on the Consumer Price Index between the years 1800 and 2002. Users may write in a value for an item and see what that value would represent in today's dollars.

Virginia Runaways, hosted by the University of Virginia, is a database of runaway and captured slave advertisements from Virginia newspapers from the 18th century. The site is searchable by date and features scanned photos of the original advertisement.